Homemade Quality Ready to Eat Meals, Prepared for You, So You Don't Have To

We make over 100 of our very own ready made meals, all made fresh, not frozen.  We only use premium ingredients and everything is made by our team using homestyle recipes that meets the quality standards you expect of LaManna.

Italian style Meals, Pastas, Pizzas, Salads, Indian and Asian meals are on offer, with more new recipes on the way. We know how busy life can be so why not save time, treat yourself and take the stress away?

LaManna makes it easy for you to cook at home, rather than having to prepare everything yourself, simply take one of our meals out of the fridge, put it the microwave or oven, and pretend that you made it yourself. They taste that good, no one will know the difference between homemade and LaManna made. Buon Appetito!

Our Family Size Beef Bolognese Lasagne is our clear customer favourite, the perfect option that only requires you to turn on the oven, place it in, and trust that your family will love what you serve. With a range you will not find anywhere, and made with love by our team, there is no subsitute for our ready made meals.

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