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      Lamanna Rewards

      All new card with all newBenefits

      We like to keep things fresh at LaManna, and our Rewards Program is no exception. With the introductory of the new LaManna Rewards Card, comes all new and exciting benefits for you to enjoy. This includes monthly prize draws, free promotional giveaways and member only offers.

      On this page you’ll find some of the prizes we have on offer, and don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to keep up to date with all the latest specials and rewards happening.

      Exclusive member only offers
      Countless prizes & givaways to win
      Shop online for delivery or pick up
      Simple sign-up with Digital Card options

      Be Rewarded when you shop

      Sign up and join the family of 6,000+ LaManna Rewards card holders that are enjoying the benefits with every shop. As a Member, not only will you have access to fantastic prizes and specials on offer, but you can also track your orders, check your shopping receipts and be the first to discovery all new event and opportunities

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      Simple sign-up with Digital Card options
      September 14th - October 11th


      By becoming a LaManna Rewards Member, you will have the chance to win just by shopping. No entry forms, no surveys, just scan your card whenever you shop and for every $50 you spend, you’ll recieve 1 x entry into the draw for your chance to win.

      So next time you shopo, why not make it a LaManna shop and Be Rewarded...

      Here’s what’s up for grabs

      1st Prize - Kitchen Aid 4.3L Classic Stand Mixer (KSM45) BLACK

      2nd Prize - Nurtibullet Blender Combo 1000 +2 x LaManna Frozen Fruit 1.2kg

      3rd Prize - Theater Electric Popcorn Machine

      Bonus Rewards
      Exclusive member only offers
      Countless prizes & givaways to win

      Another way to say thank you to our favourite customers as part of our SHOP.SCAN.WIN! promotion.

      To learn about our current giveaway promotion, local business offer and member only specials, check out our blog page here. You can find all the latest offers are updated regulary to keep things fresh. If you would like to keep up to date, subscribe to our mailing list. We promise we won’t bore you with nonsence... just all the good stuff you’re after.

      Check out our offers here


      LaManna Rewards is a new program we have created that won’t be having a point system moving forward. LaManna Rewards allows our customers now to scan their new rewards card in multiple parts of our store and by scanning your rewards card in each, you will start to get rewarded!

      With the new sign up & registration process, you will be able to create an account online and eventually as you start to scan to redeem new rewards with your card at our store, you will be able to view the offerings and rewards your eligible for as they become available. This is part of our new website and it won’t be activated just yet until the new program is up and running for a while but it is a feature we plan to bring to you soon to give you complete transparency on what you can redeem.

      Yes. We do encourage signing up online and the use of Stocard or other mobile apps to help reduce the use of plastic cards. You can online here. However, if you would like a physical LaManna Rewards card, or if you have misplaced your card, our friendly staff in store at our service desk will help provide you with one.

      If you are having issues with signing up online, we understand that it can be hard for you without a 'How To Guide' which you can dowload here. This will help assist you with the online registration process only and has images you can use to help guide you to signup.

      We have a range of exciting new benefits as part of our new Rewards Program:

      - Prizes and Giveaways – Can include: free products, free tastings/experiences, free merchandise and other giveaways by LaManna.

      - Members only promotions – These will be available to rewards members as they pioneer through our program and will become available to those who are eligible scanning their cards on every shop. The members only promotions are discounts on: products, offers, dining and experiences in our store.

      - Kids & Wine Club linked offers – These will have a range of different offerings just like our old loyalty program, however these will now be linked to our new LaManna Rewards program and will become available to eligible members. Some of these offers can range from: free products, giveaways, competitions, tastings/experiences and much more.

      - VIP Event Access – You asked and we listened! We have never offered something like this before and are excited to introduce VIP Event Access which is available for eligible rewards members as they progress through our program. These could be for our seasonal in-store events, such as: Birthday Week, VIP Nights, Liquor Events, Easter and Christmas just to name a few. This reward once eligible, our members will have the ability to be notified of events at LaManna first before anyone else, they are entitled to entry discounts while also getting access to our wine club and kids club events as they become available.

      - Vouchers/Gift Cards/Coupons – We all love a little discount and that is why we are offering our rewards members a range of vouchers, gift cards or coupons to redeem as they scan through our new program. These discounts and vouchers can range from: free beverages, free food, up to $50 and $100 in value gift vouchers to use on your next shop plus discounts on a range of products.

      We will be offering our customers a range of new ways to claim their rewards. Below are just some of the ways we will get you to participate in the program to become an eligible rewards member:

      - Automatically – Our new LaManna Rewards program will add you to eligible rewards you can redeem based off your loyalty by shopping in multiple parts of our store and scanning your rewards card in each. Automatically means as a signed up member you will be automatically added to certain offerings, opportunities and rewards.

      - Competitions – Our new LaManna Rewards program is all about collaborating more with our customers, so we want to offer you new opportunities in the form of competitions to win exciting prizes.

      - Surveys – We LOVE hearing from you! This will be another new offering suited for our online and email marketing activities, our rewards members who have signed up exclusively to our marketing lists will get the opportunity to collaborate in survey opportunities provided by LaManna to assist us with in-store experiences, help us recognise what we can do to improve, suggest new products, suggest new ideas and we will reward you for assisting!

      - Monthly Prize Draws – We will have a combination of different monthly prize draws where we will offer our rewards members prizes, giveaways and experiences. These monthly prize draws can be in the form of in-store promotions, social media or online promotions via our website.

      Due to the impact of COVID-19 and our current store changes, Kids Club is currently inactive. However, the team have created a new and improved Kids Club that will be returning at a later date and will be offered to eligible rewards members as part of this new program.

      Your 10 digit phone number will be used as your ‘easy to remember’ ID# at registers in case you misplace your card when you shop. It will also be used in store to trigger your signup process, which will be done via your phone.

      LaManna have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The NPPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your Personal Information. All T&C’s and privacy policy information will be available during the signup process. To view our privacy policy click here.

      If you would like to be informed and up to date with all our latest promotions, news, competitions, updates and benefits, you will be notified by email as part of our registration and signup process. However, if you would prefer to receive fewer emails, at any stage you may subscribe/unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists. We will however send important notifications regarding any changes to your account if deemed necessary and we may still notify you if there are any changes to policies, procedures or programs even if you have opted out of our mailing lists.