Terms & Conditions | LaManna Rewards
Last Updated: 24th November 2021

1. Welcome

Welcome to the LaManna Supermarket rewards program.
1.1. These terms and conditions apply to the LaManna Supermarket Rewards Program (“LaManna Rewards”) owned and operated by LaManna Direct Pty Ltd. ABN 52 126 913 602) (“LaManna”, “we”, “us”).
1.2. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, "you" refers to you as an applicant or entrant to our LaManna Rewards and as our valued customer;
1.3. These terms and conditions incorporate our Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, all of which can be found on our website.
1.4. LaManna Rewards is open to only LaManna Supermarket customers and requires customers to either sign up to the program in-store or online from July 1st 2020.
1.5. Our rewards program is an offering not a ($) value owed to you.
1.6. LaManna Rewards does not run in conjunction with any other offer at LaManna Supermarket and does not run in conjunction with any third party programs or promotions.
1.7. LaManna Rewards is managed solely by LaManna
1.8. All your details are secured by LaManna and all your personal information is dealt with and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

2. Registration Process

2.1. To enter LaManna Rewards , you must meet the following conditions:
2.1.1. You must aged 18 years or over
2.1.2. Sign up in store from July 1st 2020;

2.1.4. In-Store Process:
(a) Ask Customer Service about joining us
(b) Customer Service will ask you for your best contact number to add you to our system & generate you a new card (Please note – this contact number is a 10 digit number that we recommend to use as it is easy to remember in case you forget or lose your card, if you do not wish to give your mobile number – you can sign up with a 10 digit number of your own choice, just remember to record this for future).
(c) You will receive an SMS on how to sign up online
(d) Once you fill out your details online & create an account, your card will be active to start scanning either through your phone or with you physically on your next shop.
2.2. You must complete the online or in store registration process within seven (7) days or your LaManna Reward card will become deactivated.
2.3. You can access your Rewards Program account details online via shop.lamannas.com.au.
2.4. LaManna Rewards program runs in conjunction with the LaManna websites: www.lamannas.com.au and shop.lamannas.com.au and that the use of information you provide LaManna via online or in-store is dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
2.5. You acknowledge as part of this registration process that you agree to opt into LaManna marketing activities and that your information can be used for this purpose.
2.6. You also accept as part of these terms and conditions that when subscribing to our marketing and email lists that if you unsubscribe from these lists for promotional and advertising purposes you may be contacted by us via email regarding updates to terms and conditions, privacy policies and change of policies or program details.

3. Offers and Rewards

3.1. You agree that the offers and rewards as part of the LaManna Rewards are only offered by us and you agree that the offers are offered only as part of the rewards available and that you are not entitled to every offer(s).
3.2. Rewards are given based on your eligibility to the program.
3.3. These offers are subject to change from time to time any time and we may terminate these offers at our discretion.
3.4. We do not need to give notice when removing or adding offerings to the rewards program.
3.5. The LaManna Rewards Program offers entrants rewards based off their loyalty by shopping in multiple parts of the store and scanning their card in each one.
3.6. The more you use your card, the more rewards you are entitled to. But remember, you must scan your card each and every time you shop at LaManna Supermarket.
3.7. The rewards offered as part of this program are subject to availability, seasonal events, partnerships and other promotions.
3.8. We may update offers and rewards at our own discretion.
3.9. You understand that offers and promotions will change regularly from time-to-time and that offers and rewards may not always be available.
3.10. We are not responsible for the rewards and offerings not being made available if this is due to internal and external influences such as, but aren’t limited to, natural disasters, immediate illness of personnel, environmental issues out of our control (i.e. COVID-19) and restrictions, economy impacts to the business, etc.
3.11. We hold no responsibility if you miss an offering or a reward.
3.12. You agree that offers are only available as they become available and you agree that you are not entitled to receive in cash or any kind of offering that you may have missed.
3.13. The offers and rewards of LaManna Rewards is operated through an internal tier system and you understand and acknowledge that the use of your card and information within is automatically added to our system as part of the registration process.
3.14. You understand that the information recorded by our system is only used to determine the level of rewards you are eligible for and you acknowledge and agree that we manage LaManna Rewards through this system while protecting your privacy by adhering to our Privacy Policy.

4. Prizes & Giveaways

4.1. Prizes and giveaways is another offering we will have as part of LaManna Rewards to reward you.
4.2. Giveaways are based off your eligibility criteria.
4.3. Giveaways can include free products, free tastings and/or experiences, free merchandise, prize draws and other giveaways that we may offer.

5. Competitions

5.1. As part of LaManna Rewards, you may also be offered opportunities to participate in competitions which could be via in-store promotions, partnered promotions and online promotions (e.g. social media and online marketing through email marketing activities).
5.2. You may be offered to participate based on eligibility criteria.
5.3. You acknowledge and agree that your eligibility criteria are based on your use of the LaManna Rewards program.

6. Surveys

6.1. As part of LaManna Rewards, you will also be offered opportunities to participate in surveys to redeem rewards such as vouchers, prizes and giveaways (e.g. in-store promotions, partnered promotions and online promotions).
6.2. This offering will be offered to you based on eligibility criteria through your use of the LaManna Rewards program.

7. Exclusive Members Only Promotions

7.1. Exclusive Members Only Promotions will be another offering provide by us as part of LaManna Rewards.
7.2. You acknowledge and agree that this offering will only be offered based on eligibility criteria in the program which is determined by the internal tier system managed by us.

8. VIP Event Access

8.1. VIP Event Access is another offering as part of LaManna Rewards and is only available to eligible entrants.
8.2. You acknowledge and agree that VIP Event Access may be offered to you, but it is not a right.
8.3. You may not be eligible for this offering and only entrants based through the tier system determining the entrant’s eligibility into this offering.
8.4. The system determines eligibility bases on your use of you rewards card in store.
8.5. This offer is seasonal based, so the offer will not be ongoing.
8.6. This reward is for entrants based on events held at and solely managed by us and it is at our discretion to manage eligible entrants into this offering.

9. Vouchers, Coupons & Gift Cards

9.1. Vouchers, Coupons & Gift Cards is another offering as part of LaManna Supermarket and isn’t just offered as part of LaManna Rewards program.
9.2. We hold the discretion to offer this reward to entrants based off the eligibility criteria as part of LaManna Rewards.
9.3. If given this offering:
9.3.1. You accept that it is a reward and not an amount in ($) value owed to you;
9.3.2. If you misplace or lose a gift card, voucher or coupon, this will not be refunded in anyway and it is the your responsibility to keep vouchers, coupons or gift cards in a safe place until used;
9.3.3. You acknowledge that these offers cannot be redeemed, exchanged or refunded for currency or equivalent value at LaManna Supermarket unless otherwise agreed to by LaManna Direct Pty Ltd.

10. Prize Draws

10.1. Prize Draws will be a combination of different online draws as part of LaManna Rewards.
10.2. We will have in-store prize draws from time to time for eligible members and we will also have online prize draws announcing winners and asking them to contribute by sharing their experience, sharing images of their prize and/or themselves for us to advertise these on our website to congratulate our rewards members who win the draws and redeem the amazing prizes/giveaways we have on offer.

11. Other Offers

11.1. You accept that we, at our discretion, can offer other rewards that are reasonable to suggest to the entrant based on eligibility and that the entrant depending on their use of the card may or may not be entitled to all offers.

12. General

12.1. You agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this document and have read our Privacy Policy and acknowledge that this program is only an offering managed by us.
12.2. You acknowledge and agree that as an applicant or entrant to LaManna Rewards does not mean that you are entitled to all offers and rewards provided in the LaManna Rewards program.
12.3. You agree that you have read these terms and conditions prior to registering and have a good understanding of what information we collect in terms of their private information and what this is used for in line of this program and that their information is protected by our Privacy Policy.
12.4. We are solely responsible for LaManna Rewards and you responsibility and acknowledge that the offerings and rewards offered to you will be based off the system in the program ranking your eligibility to offerings, which is determined via the use of scanning your LaManna Rewards card within LaManna Supermarket.
12.5. As LaManna Rewards program is constantly changing to add new rewards and offerings, we may, at our discretion, make any change we see fit to these terms and conditions.
12.6. We will give you notice of any change to the terms and conditions via the LaManna Supermarket website or by direct communications sent to members.

13. Lost or Stolen Cards

13.1. If you lose or misplace or have your LaManna Rewards card stolen, it is your responsibility to notify us via Customer Service to seek arrangements on replacing or updating your information onto a new LaManna Rewards card (if requested) or can also download a digital rewards card which is synced to your LaManna Rewards account.
13.2. You accept that if your LaManna Reward card is lost or stolen and if you request a replacement physical LaManna Reward card, this can take us up to (7) business days to issue you a new physical LaManna Reward card.
13.3. You understand that in an instance of a lost or stolen card and if waiting for the order of a new physical card (at their request) that customer service will ask the entrant for their phone number (10 digit number) associated with their registration process into the (“LaManna Rewards”) program (this can be any 10 digit number if entrant is not comfortable giving this information, but it is the sole responsibility of the entrant to remember this 10 digit number) – this is to help us find your details in case you shop with us while waiting for your new card so you don’t miss the opportunities as an entrant into the program and the eligibility of rewards as part of this program.
13.4. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged vouchers, coupons, gift cards, prizes and/or giveaways that you have redeemed as part of LaManna Rewards.